SEVENS ABOVE! - In Episode 7:

Sell your unwanted body parts: You can sell much more of your body than you might think, and Kathryn calculates which body parts and secretions make the most cash.
Live forever, become super-intelligent, turn into "smart gas": Ray Kurzweil is a modern-day Nostradamus, except his predictions are correct. He says that Transhumanism - when humans mesh with machines and live forever - is only just around the corner. Joe looks into his most outlandish (and viable) theories.
Kathryn's Kwiz: with buying and selling in mind, Kwiz Kween Kathryn makez Thom and Joe look like the dunces they are as she poses them questions about weird celebrity items that were bought and sold.

PLUS: Thom invents Smart wigs! Joe reveals his ambition to make cheese in the grossest possible way! Kathryn manages to maintain decorum amidst a barrage of terrible dad-jokes!

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Sell Yourself! Part Two
Ray Against The Machine: Transhumanism’s savant-prince has called time on humanity