If it turns out that music is really good for your health, could your healthcare plan pay for your Spotify subscription? It's actually more plausible than you might think: a series of scientific tests have shown that certain kinds of music can reduce the sensation of physical pain or help prevent addiction.

Episode 15 of the MONTAGE, is not only about how music soothes the the savage beast, but how Twitter - yes, Twitter - has revolutionised how we experience literature - yes, literature - and not just by making it really, really short.

Plus, Kathryn is in her element as she blurs the lines between the literary thoughts of His Holiness Pope Francis, AKA @pontifex, The Cool Pope and His Royal Genious @dril, doyen of Weird Twitter.

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Twitterature - How Twitter has changed the art of literature, from the Bard to baby shoes: montag.wtf/twitterature
Sound Affects: Music might be your new medicine and Muzak may soon replace Prozac: montag.wtf/sound-affects-music-might-be-your-new-medicine

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