Enjoy laughing at Artificial Intelligence's attempts at creating art while you can, because as soon as AI gains sentience, there'll be no more disrespect allowed. And thus it was so: Joe, Kathryn and Thom all laughed heartily in this podcast at silly things AI has done as well as mocked music it's made - plus they investigated the brand new musical instruments that seemingly no pop stars want to play.

EPISODE 13 continues a bit from the last one (the DYSTOPIAN MOVIE SPECIAL) and this one dallies with another form of art: music and, erm bots. It’s a a creative innovation special! Oh, and it was recorded in a shed, hence the terrible pun in the headline.

In this episode:
• Fun With Neural Networks! Janelle Shane is the reigning queen of making funny, silly, and downright bizarre texts with neural networks - Kathryn investigates.
• New Musical Excess: why musicians are ignoring the newest instruments (and what they'll play next) We’re in an age of constant technical innovation - so where are all the new musical instruments?
• PLUS: Kwiz Kween kathryn is hitting her stride once more and her new kwiz kompromises on nothing short of khaos in…  the Mystery Montage.

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Fun With Neural Networks: https://www.montag.wtf/fun-with-neural-networks/

New Musical Excess: why musicians are ignoring the newest instruments (and what they'll play next): https://www.montag.wtf/new-musical-excess-why-musicians-are-ignoring-the-newest-instruments-and-what-theyll-play-next/