IN EPISODE 12's Today's Dystopia movie special, we dig into two sci-fi "classics":

They Live - With each year that passes since its 1988 release, John Carpenter’s Horror-Sci-Fi B-movie classic They Live reveals itself more and more to be a stiletto-sharp appraisal of the consumerism, capitalism, and inequality that saturates society – and how it is slowly, silently strangling us, right under our noses. Joe dons the famous sunglasses to find out how much They Live! is like we, live.
Equilibrium - In the unintentionally amusing 2002 sci-fi extravaganza, Art and emotions are illegal in the city of Libria, and a young-ish Christian Bale struggles with his emotions, his fight to expose the truth, and his ability to keep a straight face. How close are we to this forecast fascist future? Kathryn learns how to do a ridiculous gun-based martial art to find out.

PLUS: Last time Kathryn re-ascended to her Kwiz Kween Throne and promptly made Joe and Thom look like fools again. This week her kwiz kreates more krafty khaos in… a brand-slogan themed Mystery Montage.

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They Live: