ELF AND SAFETY: - In Episode 11:

Sunspring and It's No Game: Sci-fi by AI – Sunspring, the first film written by an artificial intelligence, opens up a lot of questions about culture and tech. Do sci-fi films written by AI pass the Turing test? And more importantly, are they any good? Kathryn pops some corn and lets us know;
Automatic For The People: why musicians should welcome automated music making - The whole “humans making music” process seems to be working out just fine - so why are people trying to change it, and how? Joe explains how we should embrace a future of robo-penned pop hits.
PLUS: We’re all overjoyed as Kathryn returns to her Kwiz Kween Throne - and challenges perennial fall-guys Joe and Thom to a quiz that will inevitably showcase their bone-headedness in… the Mystery Montage.

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Sunspring and It's No Game: Sci-fi by AI: https://www.montag.wtf/sunspring-sci-fi-by-ai/
Sunspring on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY7x2Ihqjmc
Automatic for the People: https://www.montag.wtf/automatic-for-the-people-part-1/ AND https://www.montag.wtf/automatic-for-the-people-part-two/
Daddy's Car - the first song written by AI: https://qz.com/790523/daddys-car-the-first-song-ever-written-by-artificial-intelligence-is-actually-pretty-good/