Excitingly, MONTAG is now a fully-fledged multi-media-multi-platform self-facilitating media node - encompassing this website, a print edition (get yours for free here!) – and now a podcast too: THE MONTAGE.

It’s where MONTAG writers Joe, Kathryn and Thom get under the skin of the topics explored in the magazine, and expand on some of the bigger questions raised by the articles.

IN EPISODE ONE, grasp your wearables and swig your meal replacement fodder, as:

  • Joe probes the world of SexTech - the industry of wearables that are rather more invigorating than fitness trackers
  • Kathryn explains the unexpected impact on her social life when she shunned food's taste, texture, joy, and sense of wellbeing and gulped down Soylent instead
  • Thom does some #bluesky #brand #strategising around meal replacement powders, fake foodstuffs and teledildonics.
  • BONUS FEATURETTE: Kathryn investigates the data around reported UFO sightings in the USA.

You can subscribe to THE MONTAGE on iTunes, Stitcher - or listen on Soundcloud!