SIX APPEAL - In Episode 6:

Cruelty-free beef: You can now go to restaurants and buy a burger that costs $13 and is made of real beef that has not come from a cow. Will eating meat that has never been alive become normal? And how does this affect vegans?
How much is your personal data worth?: Companies are buying up swathes of data that we have produced - often without us realising. So are we missing out on a payday bonanza? Kathryn finds out.
Kathryn's Katchiest Kwiz Yet: Kathryn poses Thom and Joe questions about "Forbidden Foods" - can Joe possibly catch Thom, who is leading 4-1? (No.)

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The bleeding edge: lab-grown burgers will change how you eat forever
Sell Yourself! Part one - your data

• Check out Impossible Foods
and Memphis Meat's cruelty-free meat.
"Hufu, a now fictional product, was briefly marketed as tofu designed to resemble human flesh in taste and texture."