ISSUE 1: Together Tomorrow

Issue 1 is called "Together Tomorrow," and is drawn from stories published on MONTAG.WTF. With brilliant illustrations by Edo Amoruso, chin-scratching fiction and world-tilting features, Issue 1 examines the future of our simplest technology of all: how society connects to itself and how we connect to each other.

Download the print edition of Issue 1 as a PDF or order the beautiful debut print edition here.

ISSUE 2: Better Bodies

Issue 2 is called “Better Bodies,” and is based on stories published on MONTAG.WTF. It's packed with more astonishing orginal art by Edo Amoruso, compelling stories, and eyebrow-raising fiction. Issue 2 discusses how, soon, we’ll be using technology to augment, improve and change our bodies: including implanting extra sensory devices, transfusing youthful blood, and how Blade Runner’s futuristic body issues are very relevant today.

Download the print edition of Issue 2 as a PDF or order the beautiful print edition here.