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In Issue 3 of MONTAG:

Creativity and the ability to enjoy or critique it is one of the fundamental traits that make us human. Every artistic leap is triggered by new technology: the camera obscura revolutionised painting, the printing press reinvented storytelling, and the sampler allowed hip-hop to flourish.

So if creativity is the act of taking the ephemeral - philosophy, stories, and concepts - and making them tangible, what does it mean when tomorrow’s technology amalgamates movies and reality? Or individualises a novel for the reader? Or when AI creates music without human intervention?

Welcome to a time when creativity itself becomes altogether different...


Coding Creativity Creativity is one of the few things we can point to that makes us unique as humans. Which is why it's so thrilling, and terrifying, to think that artificial intelligence could become creative – if it hasn't already.
Video games and art, entwined Exploring browser-based indie games made with Twine that have more in common with art and literature than games in the mainstream. A short intro to the genre & several of our favorite hypertext stories
V-Art: VR doesn’t change what art is, but it does change how close we get to it if VR brings us close to - or inside - existing works of art, how does that change the relationship between the artist and the people who gawp at it?
Twitterature How Twitter has changed the art of literature, from the Bard to baby shoes
The Twitter bot artists that make hell a more pleasant place Some people, art bot creators and the bots themselves, try to make our self-imposed hell a more beautiful place to live.
Rewind: the future of music recommendation might not be so algorithmic after all Discover how music discovery is driven by complex algorithms, and yet we hanker after the warmth of human selection.
Must-Have Komfort Future Technologies For Modern Living Whether you live in a pod or an urban skyfarm, these products have been engineered for maximum leisure and minimum effort.
New Musical Excess: why musicians are ignoring the newest instruments (and what they'll play next) We’re in an age of constant technical innovation - so where are all the new musical instruments?
Imitate talent, steal geniuses: when technology copies art It's a simple enough progression: new stuff begets new stuff. But what about when it becomes a feedback loop - where the art influences the technology?
MONTAG FICTION #011: Hex Assembly An excerpt from The Glitch Witch's Digital Grimoire. With access only to a computer of moderate power, you too can compile a simple hex.
TODAY'S DYSTOPIA: Equilibrium Art and emotions are illegal in the city of Libria. How close are we to this forecast fascist future?
Sound Affects: music might be your new medicine MONTAG’s Joe Sparrow finds out whether Muzak may soon replace Prozac
Bot Love We may see that artificial intelligence socialization and bot love lead to the evolution of a new type of life on earth.
It's all about meme: will the “poor artist” become a thing of the past? Blockchain technology could ensure artists are credited – and paid – for their work.
Do It Yourself: Post-Entertainment and the personalised narrative What is beginning now with VR are the first signs of a new type of highly personalized storytelling.
Doing The Robot Join us on the dance floor with breakdancing mimes, hoverboard acrobats, giant mechs, and adorable industrial instruments.
Neural Network Nightmare Fuel Kathryn goes Deep Dream deep on images generated by neural networks, from style transfer to generative cats, and the results are not always pretty.
ARTificial Intelligence: you i i i i i everything else If a good artist imitates and a great artist steals, wouldn’t a computer program designed to steal be the greatest artist ever?
Fun With Neural Networks Janelle Shane is the reigning queen of making funny, silly, and downright bizarre texts with neural networks.
Today's Dystopia: They Live With each year that passes since its 1988 release, They Live reveals itself more and more to be a stiletto-sharp appraisal of the consumerism, capitalism, and inequality that saturates society – and how it is slowly, silently strangling us, right under our noses.
Automatic for the people, Part Two: Making bots to make music to make bots to Joe discovers how actually music will be churned out by faceless, automated music factories - and it’ll make the world more musical, more enjoyable and more exciting.
Set Phasers To Glam Retrofuturism has been having a moment in high fashion.
Automatic For The People, part 1: why musicians should welcome automated music making The whole “humans making music” process seems to be working out just fine - so why are people trying to change it, and how?
Sunspring and It's No Game: Sci-fi by AI – Sunspring, the first film written by an artificial intelligence, opens up a lot of questions about culture and tech. Do sci-fi films written by AI pass the Turing test? And more importantly, are they any good?
And.... action: your life is about to become a story written by you – As AR and AI take hold, your world is going to become the story you always wanted it to be. Fancy taking part in a sci-fi spy fantasy on the way to the shops? Here’s how it'll happen...