Welcome to MONTAG, where every day is tomorrow.

MONTAG is a magazine of tomorrow’s stories describing how technology will change the way we live.

MONTAG is where technology means ideas, not objects. Here, there is a whole new set of instructions which haven't yet been followed, and where endpoints are unknown-unknowns.

MONTAG reports from the fuzzy edge between new tech and everyday life and asks: when technology evolves in exponential leaps, what will we do next, and why?

MONTAG launched in March 2017 with features and short fiction that asked questions whose answers can only be found by reaching into the unknown and trying for yourself:

MONTAG is not a blog about tech: it's about the people who use it, and what happens when they step through the looking-glass. Try the future on for size.

MONTAG is published by Grover. You can email us at montag@getgrover.com.